Lenis Global - Capabilities
Blow Molding
Lenis Global has a 20 years of experience in blow moulding technology. Owing to its experience, Lenis Global offers a complete design and manufacturing service from concept to finished product.

Lenis Global has currently 16 blow moulding machines with different capabilities. Computer controlled programs allow us control the parison thickness and thereby part dimension and wall thickness. Combining its experience with technology, Lenis Global is turning new ideas into new products, and produces cost-effective 3D plastic parts for the leading companies both in Turkey and Europe.

Whether it be an idea or a 3D CAD model with detailed specifications, we are capable of helping from any starting point. All the moulds are designed in-house, manufactured locally and maintained in-house while the mould builders are chosen on three strategic criteria which are reliability, quality and clear communication.

From one pallet to truckloads in a single day, delivery on time is essential for Lenis Global. Minimum order quantities change per part but having alternative machines for ongoing production allows for flexibility in changing the production plan to meet extra requirements of the customers.
Injection Molding
Lenis Global has been built around the needs of its customers. In order to offer a turn key service, Lenis Global added injection moulding to its processing capabilities and started producing injection moulded components of the blow moulded items. Therefore, Lenis Global is one of the few companies who do both Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding under the same roof, which means "one stop shop" for blow moulded items.
Phase Change Material (PCM) Applications
Since 2008, Lenis Global has been providing phase change materials freezing and melting at different temperatures for domestic appliances especially for refrigerators. PCM solutions are provided from design to production stage.

Having a range of both positive and negative temperature PCM materials, Lenis Global offers accumulators for different applications aiming to improve the energy efficiency of various appliances. For instance, thermal energy stored in the PCM can be used to stabilize the temperature in the refrigerator compartment and extend its off-cycle period, thereby saving energy. Another application of our PCM accumulators is the cold chain management in the medical field.
Secondary Operations
In line with its desire to be a one stop shop and to offer turn-key services, Lenis Global does various on-line and off-line secondary and assembly operations as listed below:
  • Filling
  • Subassembly
  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Flaming
  • Welding
  • Adhesive
  • Foam Application