LENIS GLOBAL is always with you
    Lenis is experienced in blow moulding technology and produces technical parts with its extrusion and accumulator type blow moulding machines.

    The moulds used in production are designed and developed by the company when required. Lenis Global acts as a solution partner from the design phase to the serial production to create value and cost savings for its customers.

    From the top management to shift supervisors and foremans, Lenis has a great management team working with clear goals and objectives, setting targets that are feasible and supporting critical business objectives.

    Job descriptions are effectively defined for each role and skills and competencies are assessed regularly. Jobs are assigned according to competency tables. Knowledge and skills of the employees are increased through trainings based on annual plans and trainings are recorded and documented.

    Lenis Global is managed through internal and external KPIs and targets which are continuously reviewed and shared with process owners.

    Based on the technical requirements, forecasts and firm orders of our customers, we plan our operations using a production management procedure. Netsis ERP system is in use at Lenis Global. We handle new customers and new projects according to our project management process (Design FMEA, Process FMEA, PPAP, First sample approvals, SOP, APQP).